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Our Partners

Our Partners

Black Fox Real Estate works with a variety of partners to ensure everything runs smoothly when it comes to selling your home. From conveyancers to brokers and property stylists to tradespeople. We have meaningful partnerships with many local businesses on the Peninsula.


Parts of property transactions can be confusing, so we recommend using a conveyancer. Generally, a conveyancer prepares or reviews the sale contract, handles the transfer of deed titles and discharge or establish a mortgage, if there is one. Tamara from
Warner Conveyancing and Legal and the team at
Tick Box Conveyancing Mornington
are the conveyancers that Black Fox Real Estate prefer.

Property Stylist

Using a professional property may make all the difference between a quick sale and your property being perpetually listed. A property stylist will assess the space and make changes to make your space look larger or more inviting. More often than not, this simply means rearranging what you already have. Anna from Blend Design can help your home stand out from the crowd.


Brokers can help you find out about suitable loans or credit packages and arrange special deals. If you need a broker to help facilitate the purchase of a home , we trust and highly recommend
Christine from Mortgage Express – 0414 228 891
Shaneen from Asset Finance Solutions – 0413 119 922


We also have really strong connections with a variety of tradespeople. Including property maintenance, builders, cleaners, landscape gardeners, painters, cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians and handymen.

These meaningful partnerships, with many local businesses on the Peninsula all help to make your house ready to be the best.

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